During Hemp Bloom

Best suitable for



Vertical Farming

Limited Space


PHOTONICA lights are installed along the length of the growing space separately or grouped together, forming continuous light lines of uniform illumination without dark spots. Thanks to its optimized design, PHOTONICA emits a very small amount of heat towards the plants. As a result, the shelves with plants can be located closer to each other, if necessary.

Lights hanger

PHOTONICA lights with suspension system can be combined with each other, forming standard direct lines or complex geometric lighting figures, thus responding to the individual requirements of any project, any type, and size of the premises.

Ideal Microclimate


Photonica 750Y-Pro heats up to ° 140f (° 60 ° C) and can be placed closer to the plants without fear of causing burns, which allows an increase in the number of inflorescences at all levels of the plants.      

Natural microclimate

PHOTONICA 750Y-Pro creates a natural microclimate for plants. Thanks to the design of the radiator, the heat of the luminaire rises then cools and falls downwards, uniformly mixing the hot air with the cold air. In addition to the air exchange Photonica forms an individual microclimate for each plant and keeps the room temperature stable.   

Heat radiation

In addition to controlling air circulation, PHOTONICA 750Y-Pro produces metered heat radiation for cannabis. Heated plants are undoubtedly important for the formation of the root system and directly affect the quality and quantity of the harvested crop. Photonica comfortably combines light and heat radiation for plants.