PHOTONICA is engaged in identifying the most suitable spectra for indoor farming and searching for light scenarios that will contribute to the rapid growth of the crop, thus allowing you to optimize cultivation before the farm starts to operate.

In addition to various lighting solutions for multi-level cultivation of seedlings, tissue cultures, inter-row lighting of tall plants like tomatoes, roses, cucumbers, peppers, etc. PHOTONICA is a unique lighting solution for vertical farming.

Due to the fact that inter-row lighting is mounted between rows of plants, the light freely reaches the bushes, thus increasing the photosynthetic activity of the leaves. At the same time, the light lost falling onto the ground or being reflected upwards is reduced. PHOTONICA heat radiation is very low, which allows for a stricter control over the necessary climatic conditions that maintain the vegetative or generative growth phase. In addition, inter-row LED lighting is an extremely energy-efficient technology that contributes to obtaining high yields of tomatoes with minimal energy consumption per kilogram of product. PHOTONICA top lighting allows you to determine the color of tomatoes in greenhouses more accurately.

The side elements of the luminaire are characterized by adjustable parts that can be inclined at 45˚ to both sides relative to the central element, thus emitting 100% of the PHOTONICA light to the plants. The light does not fall onto the aisles between the beds and is not reflected off the walls, but purposefully illuminates the plants.

By using such distinct advantages we get high-quality lighting which is completely even in all growth zones. Thus, we eliminate the dependence on sunlight, and also get full control of the light intensity.

Such a simple and unique lighting solution maximizes the yield and quality of plants, gives more accurate shapes with good, thick leaves, increases the structure of the stem and improves the aromatic properties of the plants.

Besides these advantages, PHOTONICA’s solution allows you to increase energy efficiency by 50% compared with any other lighting system.

PHOTONICA guarantees that all the light power of PHOTONICA lamps illuminates plants without loss, therefore it is easy to calculate, control, and make the crop more stable and reliable.

We are absolutely convinced that indoor farming is key to solving the problem of food supply throughout the world in the future.

Consumer demand for freshly grown foods in large supermarkets is increasing dramatically. PHOTONICA provides a solution that offers the freshest vegetable products. This solution is to install LED vertical gardens for growing vegetables and greens right in the shops, offices, homes and anywhere you like.

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