About us

We develop  plans for cultivation applications and we provide advice on installation, optimal use and maintenance.We are completely confident of efficiency of our lighting system, since it has already been tested and proven.

PHOTONICA, INC was founded in 2017.  Located at 14416 Hamlin Street Suite 215 Van Nuys CA 91401 The 20 000sq ft property owned by PHOTONICA, INC includes offices, research facility, and warehouse.

The advantages of buying from us You get:
• Reliable and efficient equipment
• 3-year warranty
• Return the product in case of a defect
• The purchased lamp will be delivered free of charge to any state in the USA.

Main departments:
– Оffice
– Lighting Laboratory
– Assembly production
– Service center
– Finished products warehouse

PHOTONICA company deals with:
– Research in the field of obtaining optimal lighting solution for growing cannabis.
– Development of LED lamps for cannabis cultivation.

Having studied the process of growing plants under HPS lamps, different LED irrigators and by studying the natural process of growing cannabis we determined the optimal light spectrum for our PHOTONICA LED LUMINARY.


According to the results of numerous studies, we have prepared a pocket guide to grow cannabis from seed to harvest, which answers frequently asked questions with a very simple menu. You will learn everything you need to know about growing cannabis if you carefully follow the provided answers. And you will definitely get great results. We provide our customers with a pocket guide in print or electronic form.

We can offer customers different payment programs to ensure their complete satisfaction.