PHOTONICA ultimate horticultural LED system.
An advanced lighting solution for commercial and in-home growing.


PHOTONICA answers the market demand for high performance LED lights.

Before Harvest

Harvest Results



Average Yield

1.5 gramm per 1watt



Coverage Areas

Vege 5x5ft / Bloom 4x4ft



Power: 75W-750W
Temperature of operation: From -40°C to+50°C
Dimensions US: 3.93 ft L x 3.1ft W x 0.4ft H
Dimensions Metric: 120cm L x 95cm W x 12cm H
PPF: 1190 µmol
Weight kg: 21.75 kg
Weight lb: 48 lbs
Power Factor: 0.95
Optics material: Borosilicate glass
Body material: Extruded aluminum
Color: White
Color Temperature: 2700K – 6500K
IP Rating: 65
Supply Voltage: 100-240 Volts
Amperage: 220V-3.42A
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

PPFD recommendation

200W / 20 Days / PPFD 350 µmol at the top of hemp.
500W / The first 2 weeksPPFD 800 µmol on top of hemp.
705W / 38 Days / PPFD 1200 µmol at the top of hemp.

Price: $1290


Cannabis Growth Time

20 Days
52 Days

Coverage Areas



Bloom / Vege​ 4х4ft

The light coverage area of the Photonica lamp during the flowering/vegetative periods


Vege​ 5х5ft

The light coverage area of the Photonica 750 lamp during the vegetative period


2 x PHOTONICA 750Y-Pro lights cover standard growing table​​ 4 x 8ft


Bloom / Vege​ 4х8ft

The light coverage area of the two Photonica 750Y-Pro during the flowering /vegetative periods


Vege 5х10ft

The light coverage area of the two Photonica 750Y-Pro during the vegetative period


The area of coverage adjusted by the height of the installed lights 


Adjustable power and light density



Manual control allows you to adjust power from 75 to 750W


Wi Fi (Optional)

The lights is equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows you to operate remotely from any device (cell phone, iPad, computer). Gradually turning on and off will allow plants to adapt more easily to light.


Easy and quick Assembly

The kit includes everything you need to get started. The lights needs to be hung up and just plugged in.

Easy to install

The lights can be easily and quickly installed in any rack, grow box or room



PHOTONICA lights are installed along the length of the growing space separately or grouped together, forming continuous light lines of uniform illumination without dark spots.


Lights hanger

PHOTONICA lights with suspension system can be combined with each other, forming standard direct lines or complex geometric lighting figures, thus responding to the individual requirements of any project, any type, and size of the premises.

Ideal microclimate


Photonica 750Y-Pro heats up to ° 140f (° 60 ° C) and can be placed closer to the plants without fear of causing burns, which allows an increase in the number of inflorescences at all levels of the plants.      

Natural microclimate

PHOTONICA 750Y-Pro creates a natural microclimate for plants. Thanks to the design of the radiator, the heat of the luminaire rises then cools and falls downwards, uniformly mixing the hot air with the cold air. In addition to the air exchange Photonica forms an individual microclimate for each plant and keeps the room temperature stable.   

Heat radiation

In addition to controlling air circulation, PHOTONICA 750Y-Pro produces metered heat radiation for cannabis. Heated plants are undoubtedly important for the formation of the root system and directly affect the quality and quantity of the harvested crop. Photonica comfortably combines light and heat radiation for plants.


Our light spectra


Crop growth

We are engaged in identifying the most suitable spectra for indoor and greenhouse farming and searching for light scenarios that will contribute to the rapid growth of the crop, thus allowing you to optimize cultivation before the farm starts to operate.​


The secret of PHOTONICA's success is an exclusive light spectrum, a balanced combination of which has an excellent effect on plants during periods of vegetative growth and flowering.

Desired yield

PHOTONICA light spectrum make sure you get the desired yield and the end product which has flavor and strength.

Why our lights better?

PHOTONICA LED LIGHT is a full value replacement for HPS 1150Watt for indoor and greenhouse use

Best suitable for

Greenhouse Growing

Even under the best conditions, the development of greenhouse plants stops with a decrease in daylight hours. The total time of the "illuminated" crop life should be a minimum of 12 hours per day.

Multi-Level Growing

Thanks to its optimized design, PHOTONICA emits a very small amount of heat towards the plants. As a result, the shelves with plants can be located closer to each other, if necessary.

Vertical Farming

In addition to various lighting solutions for multi-level cultivation of seedlings, tissue cultures, inter-row lighting of tall plants like cannabis PHOTONICA is a unique lighting solution for vertical farming.

Limited Space Growing

PHOTONICA lamps can be combined with each other, forming standard direct lines or complex geometric lighting figures, thus responding to the individual requirements of any project, any type, and size of the premises.

Install our demo lights and test it for 2 month free!

Yes we can offer a free demo installation of our lights. You can test the eficiency and light distribution as well as overall quality of final product of your farm.